Restructuring of our web presence

Dear colleagues,

NDRD will be renovating in the next couple of months to strengthen and streamline our web site. In this respect, we hope to reorient our wide-ranging content as a means to address the following objectives:

  • Create so called special research focus microsites to provide relevant information on a specific topic and our ongoing research in this regard for our target audience. 
  • To radically transform our search function through enhanced software and metadata
  • Include a much larger set of resource directories
  • Eventually include incorporate social media and multimedia


Finally please note that NDRD is entirely based on volunteerism and everything that we do, including programming our website, requires extra time as well as the acquisition of further skills during weekends and therefore may take a bit longer.

Thank you for your patience as we try our very best to be back online by latest November, 2012!



Participate in our Public Call for Nominations for the NDRD Council  Deadline for nominations will be Nov. 1, 2012 (24:00 EST)  



Food Security:
A Misunderstood Concept in the GCC

Food security is a holistic concept that involves economic, social, cultural, environmental and political aspects. Nevertheless while the multi-dimensional phenomenon of food security has evolved in the past decades to reflect the wider recognition of the complexities of the technical and policy issues involved, it is by and large a completely misunderstood operational concept in public policy in the GCC which makes coherent discussion more difficult. Read more


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