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Our Vision


NDRD is committed to enhance the quality of environmental programs and strengthen the position of the academic community in the GCC member states. The Network will promote a crosscutting approach to drylands studies that integrates interdisciplinary research, scientific assessment, education, and communication of science-based information to decision makers and the general public.


The GCC Member States should be committed to support the efforts of other affected developing countries and least developed countries, particularly those in Africa, by providing assistance and promoting the exchange of technology and knowledge.idee neu


As a neutral, science-based organization, NDRD promotes science and its relationship with decision makers. Therefore we aim to establish a mechanism for effective and successful policy advice.

NDRD Founder-Presidents



Sustainable Development


Desertification should always be reviewed in the context of sustainable development, since it is directly connected to human challenges such as poverty, social and economic well-being, as well as environmental protection.”

Since land degradation caused by desertification processes affect the ability of the soil to sustain agricultural production, they concomitantly contribute to poverty.
As population increases and demographic concentrations shift towards uncontrolled urbanization, the extent of land subject to stresses by those seeking to wrest subsistence from it has inexorably risen. Broader environmental issues, such as climate change, biological diversity, and freshwater supplies, are indirectly related, so any effort to resolve this environmental challenge must entail coordinated research efforts and joint action. The failure to act now will greatly compound the cost and complexity of later remedial efforts, and because environmental degradation is beginning to pose a major threat to human well-being, especially among the poor in the region.

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