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Gulf Cooperation Council
Network for Drylands Research & Development

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NDRD Council (Board of Directors)

The NDRD Council is made up of an Executive Committee of seven members (the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Chair of the Scientific Committee, the three Founder-Presidents and of at least six country representatives. The major functions of the Council will be:

  • the management of the Network
  • choosing the venue for the General Assembly and of conferences, symposia, seminars, forums, courses, as well as organizing these
  • nominating a scientific sub-committee for the selection of papers
  • appoint other special committees and officers for specific activities of the Network, e.g. supervise the NDRD publications 
  • the establishment of working groups
  • to approve applications for membership
  • the appointment of honorary members to NDRD
  • the exclusion of any member which has failed to fulfill the obligations;
  • approve the annual budget prepared by the Secretary-General;
  • the appointment - directly or via a mandated person – of all agents, employees and members of personnel of the association and the board also has all right to destitute; it determines their tasks and remuneration.
  • nominate the Secretary-General for appointment by the Executive Committee;
  • recommend actions to the General Assembly
  • to nominate candidates for Presidency of the Network to the General Assembly;
  • confer honors and awards of the Network
  • draft revisions to the Statutes and By-Laws
  • maintaining relations with affiliated Networks
  • deal with any other item that may be referred to it  more...


Executive Committee


The Executive Committee will meet quarterly to determine the direction and development of NDRD and to ensure a balanced and representative membership. It is mandated to act on behalf of the membership and its decisions are informed by discussions and priorities identified at the General Assembly.


The Board should be representative of the various interdisciplinary fields of interest and activities of NDRD: namely soil science, hydrology, climatologists, environmental engineering, development policy, sociology, economics, political science, law, veterinary medicine, etc.


Founder Presidents


To guarantee the continuous cross-cultural humanitarian ideology of NDRD the three Founder Presidents representing different cultural backgrounds have permanent honorary seats on the Executive Committee.

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