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Public Call for Nominees



Gulf Cooperation Council
Network for Drylands Research & Development

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Open Call for Nominations for the NDRD Council

Dear colleagues,
NDRD is calling upon the interested public to participate in our open Call for Nominees.

In accordance with our "transparency" promise (NDRD Constitution, Art. 16.6.) we are now inviting all of you to nominate candidates of your choice that will in your opinion be suitable to commit to the ideology to NDRD to engage in an ongoing dialogue across borders and play an active role in promoting drylands research and development in the Gulf region.
 Please note once again that your candidates must be GCC nationals!!

 Please don't "upgrade" your preference - Prof. Dr. is equivalent to a "full professor" (US) or "doctor habilitatus" (most European countries)


How it works:


Those wishing to express support for any individual should use this "NDRD Council - Support of Nomination Form”.

The form is anonymous
please do not send us e-mails!

Nominations must be received by the NDRD Secretariat before November 1, 2009 (24:00 EST). The results of this call will be published on our website. Any individual that is a GCC national and is holding at least a Ph.D. may be nominated within this process.

Please remember that a candidate nominated for presidency shall, at the time of nomination, have reached that status of a full professor or equivalent.

Self-nominations are certainly permitted.


All nominees of your choice will be contacted via e-mail to confirm their willingness to serve as a member of the NDRD Council. If the nominee is not contactable via e-mail then the nomination will not be confirmed - a nominee must explicitly confirm the nomination to the NDRD Secretariat by November 6, (1 month prior to our General Assembly) to be considered as a candidate. All confirmed nominations will also be listed with their corresponding details and agendas on the NDRD website as soon as they are confirmed.


Important: You must supply the e-mail address of your candidate - otherwise we cannot contact your choice!

NDRD members will thus have 1 month time to decide who will be the choice for their vote. :- )


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