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Network for Drylands Research & Development

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Dynamics of Drylands Geomorphology and Landscape Ecology

NDRD will promote future research in inter alia the fields of:

  • Weathering forms and processes e.g.
  • Fluvial forms and processes e.g.
    • Sheet, Rill and Gully Erosion
    • Slope and Pediment Systems
    • Significance of Alluvial Fans in Arid Zone Fluvial Systems
  • Aeolian forms and processes e.g.
    • Wind Erosion in Drylands
    • Aeolian Dust
    • Dunefields Dynamics


NDRD recommends:


The website of Dr. Nigel Mountney from the Department of Earth Sciences Keele University, United Kingdom contains a summary of his research, which is focused on the nature of interaction between aeolian and fluvial sedimentary systems in semi-arid to arid depositional settings. Excellent graphics and stunning photos from different dryland regions come along with detailed information on dry and wet aeolian systems, their development and preservation. See for yourself …  


Basic information on the relief and geomorphology of the Arabian Peninsula can be found in a publication of ICARDAs Arabian Peninsula Regional Program (APRP)

Cover Agroecological Report02An Agroecological Exploration of the Arabian Peninsula

©2002 International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Recommend Links:

Al-Awadhi, J.M. / Al-Helal, A. / Al-Enezi A.: Sand drift potential in the desert of Kuwait, in: Journal of Arid Environments, Volume 63, Issue 2, October 2005, Pages 425-438.

Further geographical information - but sadly only in Arabic - is available from the Saudi Geographical Society (SGS)

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