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GCC Member States Representatives (MSRs)



The Member States Representatives will be elected by the General Assembly from nominations by the interested general public for a period of two years. Candidates are free and encouraged by these statutes to campaign to all the members of NDRD including the Affiliate Members to increase their chances to be elected.

The representation will be proportional to the number of national members from the country of the representative. To encourage local initiative, there will be a proportional representation to national membership. For the beginning there will be 1 seat for each 100 national members. Those countries that will have more than one MSR on the NDRD Council will need to introduce a territorial division between the representatives and inform the Executive Committee on these responsibilities.

The MSRs should keep themselves informed as to conditions and activities in their country and as to the needs and desires of the members therein in order that they may faithfully and intelligently represent the true interests of these members. more ...





yet to be nominated











Dr. Hamad Al-Saad

Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agric.

Director, Tissue Culture Lab.

phone: +974 834117

email: hamadsaad@qu.edu.qa







Dr. Tareq Madouh
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

phone: +965 7073889

email: tmadouh@kisr.edu.kw





Saudi Arabia


Prof. Al-Jaloud

email: aljaloud@kacst.edu.sa


Dr. Hashem Abdo Hashem

email: abdo_hashem@agrwat.gov.sa






Dr. Salim Al-Hatrushi

Dept. of Geography

Sultan Qaboos University

phone: 00 968 515 893

email: hatrushi@squ.edu.om




United Arab Emirates


Dr. Abdulmajeed S. Al-Khajah

Department of Biology

United Arab Emirates University

phone: +971 6 5562200

email: Al-Khajah@ndrd.org


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