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Affiliate Individual Membership

Open to any person active or interested in drylands research.
Affiliate Individual Members normally possess a Ph.D. or equivalent.
The annual membership fee will be 50 US $.

Affiliate Postgraduate Student Membership

Open to any postgraduate student doing his (her) Ph.D. on an issue related to drylands research and / or their sustainable development.
The annual membership fee will be 30 US $.

Special Postgraduate Offer

For new/first time Affiliate Postgraduate Student Members,
the dues are 50 US $ for the first two consecutive years.


Proceed to our Online Membership Application Form   Form4

All members will receive an official invoice from NDRD for paying their membership fees.

If you have any questions please contact our General Secretary


Membership Fees: 
NDRD naturally aims to accept all major credit cards in the future, yet since our first year needs to be managed with a tight budget and a secure online payment partner subscription is extremely expensive, we decided to opt for PayPal for the beginning.  

Proceed to Membership Fees Page

If you do not have a credit card and don’t know someone that does and could help you out, please pay your membership fees directly by bank transfer to:

NDRD, c/o A. Spiess
International Banking Account Number (IBAN)
DE 40 20080000 0921131701