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Affiliate Institutional Membership

Institutes, networks or NGOs not eligible to "Full Membership" according to Art. 9.1., whose objectives and activities are oriented towards research and/or training in drylands research and development issues. Scientific networks and NGOs shall be devoted to objectives consistent with those of NDRD.

Affiliate membership offers a formal institutional connection with NDRD which includes the benefit of working in cooperation with GCC scientists; ongoing contact with the NDRD staff on matters of interest to the scholarly community; and continued involvement in the crucial network of contacts with which NDRD works. In addition affiliates are invited to attend the NDRD General Assembly at their own expense. The annual membership fee for Institutional Membership will be US $ 250.

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Institutional Members shall appoint a representative for duly called meetings of the General Assembly and their vote shall count tenfold in the election.

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Applications for membership or renewal of membership shall be submitted to the Secretary General. In the case of any applicant whose character, reputation or conduct might make him an undesirable member, the Secretary General shall refer the application to the Executive Committee for review; which shall decide upon admission by a simple majority of votes. In all other cases, the Secretary General shall have the authority to grant membership.

To safeguard the standards of the Network and the value of membership, applications of Individual and Post-Graduate Full Members and their corresponding papers are considered by the Scientific Committee of the NDRD Council. Applications should be completed fully and accurately since inadequate information will result in a decision being deferred. Council elects successful applicants to membership in March, June, September and December.

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