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Why do I have to submit a paper?

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Short version:


Well for the same reason as there are no submissions from the GCC for ISDEHS 2006! Out of 270 submissions only three papers from GCC nationals is a tragedy (to put it mildly), but it also show the realty of the Knowledge gap in especially these countries.
However, we are proud to say that we did achieve 27% of Arab participation from each and every other Arab country except the GCC member states. (including 2 submissions from Palestine)
Altogether the participation from Islamic countries (or Islamic faith) is 80%, so please don’t ever correlate “lack of scientific interest with Islam”. Obviously this is not true and only depends on the individual country people are from! Now Iran is promoting science and technology and it shows!
See more details on the abstracts on our conference website

AHDR 2003 makes it clear that, in the Arab civilization, the pursuit of knowledge is prompted by religion, culture, history and the human will to achieve success. Obstructions to this quest are the defective structures created by human beings- social, economic and above all political. Arabs must remove or reform these structures in order to take the place they deserve in the world of knowledge at the beginning of the knowledge millennium.


However the Arab Human Development Report 2003 should have not just stressed on the Arab world, because that really gives a somewhat distorted imagine of the situation in the individual countries. It should have actually distinguished between the GCC and the rest of the Arab nations. correlated rentier economies and wealth with lack of scientific motivation and disinterest. Independent studies show that no other region in the world in so far behind when it comes to knowledge and research as the rich Arab states from the Gulf. NDRD will make all efforts to counteract and motivate, but certainly we are aware that this will be a long term objective and cannot be achieved in a year or two.


Participate in our Public Call for Nominations for the NDRD Council
Deadline for nominations will be Nov. 1, 2006 (24:00 EST)  



The papers are peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the NDRD Council and will be presented to our members in English and Arabic through our website. A selection of the best papers will be published by the end of 2006 in a GCC anthology on Drylands Research. read more ...



If you need help with your paper in English, please contact us.


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