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Traditional Rotational Grazing

The extensive rotational grazing strategy involves continuously moving livestock among pasture areas so that in concord with nature no one site is overgrazed — a traditional practice among many pastoralist groups in the world which required not only skilful decisions, but the close monitoring of their consequences. For instance, the Al-Taysiyah Bedouins in Saudi Arabia practise a rotational grazing pattern that is determined both by the number of camps in a given area and by the spatial distribution of different plant species. Herds are moved in one direction one day and then in the opposite direction the following day, and so on in a circular fashion until they return to the original spot. When the pasture grasses have been exhausted, the family scouts nearby areas to determine whether or not the camp should be relocated. Given that rotational grazing often has strong customary traditions, community compliance tends to be higher than with land resting.

Source: Finan, T. J. / Al Haratani, E.R. : Modern Bedouins - the transformation of traditional nomad society in the Al-Taysiyah region of Saudi Arabia, in: in: Squires, V.R. / Sidahmed, A.E. (ed.) Drylands. Sustainable use of rangelands into the twenty-first century. IFAD Series: Technical Reports. Rome: IFAD, 1998, p. 345 pp.

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